Winnipeg Paramedic Collective Agreement

If an application for the appointment of an arbitration body is not submitted within the Section 6 deadline or if the Minister refuses to appoint an arbitration body, the existing collective agreement at the time of the information is fully applicable in accordance with Section 5 and comes into effect until December 31 of next year, after the expiry of the deadline or the Minister`s refusal to do so. , in accordance with the aforementioned deadline. If it fails to formulate an agreement satisfactory to both parties, the arbitration body renders a judgment in which it decides on how all contentious issues are resolved between the parties. Implementation of the main law on collective bargaining The agreement comes at a time when relations between MGEU 911 and the city remain delicate. In March, Fire Chief John Lane promised to improve relations with sub-members after an arbitrator ruled that he had violated the respectful work policy. « collective agreement, » the meaning given to this expression in the main legislation; (« conventional collective ») agrees on the terms of a renewed or revised agreement or under the terms of an agreement 1st, one or both parties may request in writing the Minister the appointment of an arbitration commission. « They will not take into account the city`s proposals. Negotiations are continuing, but only on the union`s proposals. And if an agreement can be reached before December 31st, that`s great.

And if not, they [UFFW] have announced their intention to ask the minister to appoint an arbitration body. The Minister may create an arbitration body to deal with the dispute and formulate a collective agreement or the renewal or revision of an existing or previous collective agreement between the parties. After the end of the period during which a collective agreement or bonus is in effect, it will remain in effect until it is replaced, if necessary, by a new collective agreement or award. If the provisions of subsection 1 are applied, all references to « firefighters » must be read as « ambulances ». (c) any collective agreement in force between the city and the ambulance collective agreement, which came into force at the time of termination, is no longer in force; and the union has been out of contract since February 18, 2017 and began discussing a new contract with the city the following month. The interim agreement would cover a four-year period from the end of the last contract until the end of February 2021, according to a report released on Thursday. b) the development of a collective agreement or the renewal or revision of an existing or previous collective agreement. Winnipeg paramedics would receive annual wage increases of two per cent per year over the life of the agreement, the report said. These wage increases are close to the expected rise in the consumer price index, a measure of inflation, according to the report. Where a collective agreement exists between a municipality and a negotiator, a party to the lease agreement is required to negotiate a renewed or revised collective agreement, no later than October 1 before the end of the existing collective agreement, at the opening of collective bargaining for the renewal or revision of the collective agreement or the conclusion of a new collective agreement; and, if necessary, with the communication, it resumes in writing its proposals to revise the agreement. (b) as a party to a collective agreement with a municipality that is its employer; (« Negotiating Agent ») « We will not discuss the proposals you made on October 14 and we will not submit any counter-proposals.

They are not the subject of ongoing collective bargaining, » Forrest wrote. (a) the conflict that has emerged in collective bargaining between the city and the ambulance bargaining partner; and (a) that the city or the ambulance bargaining partner has invited the other to enter into collective bargaining for a collective agreement; Unless otherwise stated in this Act, the provisions of the Basic Law to preserve collective bargaining apply to collective bargaining between a municipality and a bargaining partner and, in all cases, if a provision of the Act is incompatible or