What Does A Apprenticeship Agreement Contain

Before the program begins, an apprenticeship contract is signed by the employer and the apprentice, which explains the main details of the apprenticeship. The Learning, Skills, Childhood and Learning Act 2009 aims to address this situation by introducing the concept of a « learning contract. » An apprenticeship contract is a « service contract » (as opposed to a « training contract » in which the apprentice agrees, as part of the agreement, to work for the employer, in a prescribed form, as stipulated in the apprenticeship agreement (form of the apprenticeship contract) 2012. You can write your own apprenticeship contract or download a learning contract template. An apprenticeship contract signed by the employer and the apprentice, it corresponds to an employment contract that gives details of what employers and apprentices agree on, including: traditionally, apprenticeship contracts weigh more heavily on an employer than an ordinary employment contract as the main objective of apprenticeship as a training offer for the person concerned. , a secondary consideration for the employer when the work is carried out. These contracts were governed by the common law and were generally temporary. The apprentice was protected from premature termination of the apprenticeship contract, which often prevented employers from committing to such an agreement, especially in times of economic hardship. It is specific to apprenticeships – an employment contract for standard workers is not enough for an apprentice. Below, order a reminder from Lifetime Training`s team of experts to understand your next steps in setting up an apprenticeship. Lifetime gives experts insight into the evolution and commissioning of your program and can provide resources such as learning contract templates. Because apprentices who work under an apprenticeship contract work under an employment contract with their employer, they are entitled to a salary under national minimum wage schemes.

This may be either a written statement of employment data or a written document in the form of an employment contract or letter of commitment. For all new apprentices starting their training, an apprenticeship contract is required at the beginning of the apprenticeship. An apprenticeship contract must be signed at the beginning of the apprenticeship.