Voice Over Artist Agreement

Once an order is completed, I will ask you for a copy of the final work for my portfolio, unless the exit from the factory is contrary to a confidentiality agreement signed by myself or by the producer/client. You agree that I use the entire copy or part of it on my website, or on the voice or demos, and that I may return the project to my CV, but only for advertising purposes of my voice over services and subject to a confidentiality agreement that may be present. Today, I will address my colleagues who are relatively new to the voice industry. They want to know if I have some kind of employment contract with my clients. Third-party links to our website: Our website may contain links to other third-party sites not operated by Hobsons. These related websites and applications are not subject to Hobson`s control and, as such, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of related websites and online applications. If you choose to use third-party websites, all personal data collected by the third-party website will be controlled by that third party`s privacy statement. We strongly advise you to take the time to check the privacy policies of third parties to which you provide personal data. In particular, our partner events are not covered by this privacy policy. Please refer to the third party`s privacy policy when you book a seat at one of our partner events. I spent years in my production company, and last week I made one of the biggest deals.

Not only the proposal, but also the treaties. The client had a great time in Boston law firm checking the contract and telling me it is the most comprehensive and balanced agreement they had ever seen. The lawyer whispered to me that even without their small changes, it was a solid contract and they would ask for thousands of dollars to create the same thing. Then he asked me who my lawyer was. Use this product once and it will be paid 10 times. In the event that a party to this agreement employs a lawyer to enforce one of the terms of the agreement, the dominant party is entitled to recover its legal fees and the reasonable costs associated with it, including the fees of expert witnesses. How can we collect your personal data? We collect this information directly from you if you register as a language artist, purchase one of our services or contact us by phone, email or mail. My voice rates are based on a series of variables: media (radio, television, Internet), market (local, national, international), length, nature and use of audio.

The registration you wish to receive can only be used for the purposes specified in your application and for the length and duration of the contract agreed in advance, unless a redemption fee has been negotiated. If you want to change the initial goal, time and market, you must inform me of your intentions and an additional payment is required. This agreement is governed by state laws and is interpreted accordingly. The exclusive court and jurisdiction are at County County, State Superior Court. Remember what I said about my mission to be your Go-to-British Voice? Remember, I always want you to be happy when you work with me. That`s how you trust me, tell your friends, and I hope you come back again and again. The contract published here and Akko`s letter of authorization published here were written by their lawyer with the actor and SAG-AFTRA. The SFWA Contracts Committee publishes here both the contract and the akktosemitat with SAG-AFTRA as a guide for authors.

If the actor you hire is not a member of SAG-AFTRA, the contract letter would not apply. Similarly, the sections of the contract dealing with SAG-AFTRA – in blue italics – would not be part of a contract. 8.2 To the extent that changes to the performance plan are required on the day of the occurrence, these changes should be discussed with the agent, where possible, otherwise an agreement should be reached between the client and the