Split Sheet Agreement Template

To get an overview of how split sheets work, you can see this video. This site is such a great resource for us singers and composers! Thank you very much! One question, if I made a written agreement, could I list my full government name as an employer AND sign? Or can I legally list and sign my solo stage name as an employer? I hope you found this article on shared sheets useful for music. In the last section under Agreed, you and each of your co-authors gives you a line to enter your name with signatures and dates. Our free splitsheet model contains 5 lines, so be sure to add more lines if you have more co-authors involved, if you have a large group, group or orchestra or another scenario that can lead to more co-authors. This is where splitsheets and musical cooperation agreements come into play. In the concept, fractions should be divided according to a collaborator`s contribution to a song. These are the most common questions I get on splitsheets, and the answers should remove some of the secrets surrounding this very important part of musical chords. The purpose of this article is to give you access to templates so that you can read them and understand what they are for and give you a starting point to have something to do you can work with, something that allows you to show a lawyer, for example, if you book free advice. No no. Without a signed split sheet, all contributing producers and composers are likely to get less ownership than they thought. It`s really important to take ownership of your intellectual property and get written confirmation of your songwriting fractions from the start.

Look at the models of the music producer convention below. I recommend that staff meet at a time and place outside of a creative session to discuss the business and sign a split sheet. Download a publication songwriter split sheet template that you can customize and use to find out who owns what in a song. OPTION 1 – Spend a few weeks deleting your music and making sure you have splitsheets, licenses, work for hire contracts signed by all interested parties. Finally, if you have any questions or are not safe about something, we advise you to do some research, and possibly consider consulting a qualified administrator, legal expert or lawyer to verify your intentions and contract details on behalf of your company.