Series A Convertible Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement

(f) Article 144. The purchaser recognizes and accepts that the shares and, if issued, the conversion shares are limited securities under Rule 144, which are in effect under the Securities Act and must be held indefinitely, unless they are subsequently registered under the Securities Act or a derogation from that registration is available. The purchaser has been informed of the provisions of Rule 144 or is aware of Rule 144, which authorizes the limited resale of shares acquired in a private placement under certain conditions, including: the availability of certain up-to-date public information about the business, resale after the rule 144 holding period and the number of shares sold over a three-month period do not go beyond the limits set. (h) foreign investors. If the purchaser is not a person in the United States (within the meaning of Section 7701(a) (a) (30) of the 1986 Internal Income Code, as amended, the purchaser herebly declares that he is ruling in relation to full compliance with the laws of his jurisdiction relating to an invitation to subscribe to the shares or the use of that agreement, including (i) the legal requirements in his area of jurisdiction for the purchase of the shares, he has attacked Itself. , (ii) all subsidiaries 3.2. The entity does not own or control the guarantee of shares or other shares of other companies, partnerships, limited liability companies or others. The company does not participate in joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies or similar agreements. Since its inception, the company has not consolidated or merged all assets or assets of a company, company, limited liability company or other entity (except under the corresponding agreements).

(f) any substantial change in a compensation agreement or agreement with an employee, officer, director or shareholder; 3.21 Books. The company`s minutes logbooks made available to purchasers contain a complete summary of all directors` and shareholder meetings since the date of its inception. 6.1 Applicable legislation. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California and is interpreted in all respects, as these laws apply to agreements between California residents that are fully concluded and implemented within California, without the rules of the law being in conflict.