Merthyr Valley Homes Tenancy Agreement

Merthyr Valleys Homes (MVH) was founded in 2009 and owns more than 4,000 homes in Merthyr Tydfil. As a tenant-oriented Community Mutual Housing Association, it is committed to working with its tenants to manage housing service and improve its communities. In this context, mvH has developed a governance model that allows them to strengthen both tenants and employees, opening up the possibility of becoming members and giving it a real say in the definition of the direction of the housing company. This is the first time in Wales to offer this responsibility to its tenants. As a tenant, you have certain rights that are explained in the rental agreement. Before exercising these rights, please check whether our authorization is required or not. These rights include: Important: Assured Short Hold Tenants do not have the same rights as Assured Tenants – please read your rental agreement for all the details. If you are a new tenant, you will be on a shorthold rental contract for 12 months. As long as the lease has been completed satisfactorily within 12 months, the lease is automatically converted into a secure lease agreement for the anniversary of the 12-month lease. In its drive to strengthen tenants, MVH began with HomeSwapper, the mutual exchange platform for MRI, which allows tenants to get their own exchanges.

In 2017, our rent and income management solution, Tenancy Analytics, was implemented. The software helps housing providers create and maintain sustainable rentals and ensures that tenants have the support they need and that the housing company`s income is protected. As a tenant of Merthyr Valleys Homes, you will receive a rental agreement listing your rights and obligations as a tenant. If you have any questions or questions about your rental agreement with us, please contact us or your community housing agent. Merthyr Valley Homes is The first tenant and employee roommate in Wales founded in 2009, when tenants transferred their homes to a new non-profit organization. Merthyr Valleys Homes then started with MRT Safestart, our pre-tenancy solution, which validates data and performs pre-lease testing before a lease begins, to ensure that assistance can be implemented early in a lease. In addition, MVH MRT Debt Payback, our former tenant debt solution, used to successfully recover lost income. Accommodation services cover the management of your home. These include dealing with antisocial behaviour, managing land and common areas, helping to move into your new home and moving.

All residents have a housing agent and you can contact them to discuss any issues or questions you may have about your rental agreement. There are a number of tenancy conditions that each tenant must meet and that are described in the tenancy agreement; When renting a property, both the tenant and the lessor have certain obligations that are usually included in a rental agreement. It is usually the responsibility of the owners to obtain the structure and exterior of the premises, sewers, gutters, pipes, garden paths, steps, electrical wiring, sinks, bathrooms, toilets, fixed heaters and water heaters. Interior repairs should be mentioned in rental conditions. For more information, check your rental agreement or contact your local housing agent. The amortization of tenant debt is an ongoing problem for most housing providers, which can create a double shame, both in terms of shortfalls and additional resources spent on rescheduling.